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Shmuel Weitzner | Brooklyn, NY

Shmuel Weitzner

Dear Friends and Family,
This coming August 9th and 10th will be my 11th ride with Bike4Chai.
I started way back in 2013, with 300 riders raising 3 million dollars. Now we are over  700 riders looking to raise over 12 million dollars!
For the past 10 years, I have successfully raised over $126,000, garnering over $10,000 each campaign.
I am hoping with your help to reach this plateau once again.
Chai Lifeline is an organization that never says no to the 6,000 families that they service.
I am very grateful to the support they gave me during the years of my daughter, Chaya Sorah’s a”h sickness.
I will be riding in her memory, along with the memory of my father, Rav Nachum Avigdor Weitzner Z”L.
Please join me once again, by visiting, Or mail checks made out to Chai LIfeline to Weitzner: 1228 East 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230.
Shmuel Weitzner and Family

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1. Purim 5783
2. Ahron And Chavi Freidus
3. Miri And Dovid
4. Nesanel Weitzner
5. Lasker Realty
6. Yehuda & Rachel Amouyal

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