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Gavriel Soltan | Lakewood, NJ

Gavriel Soltan

As I gear up for my sixth year participating in Bike4Chai, the anticipation is more than just excitement—it's a profound commitment to a cause that touches the very core of my being. Each year, the ride brings a whirlwind of emotions, so overwhelming that words scarcely do them justice. This isn't just another event for me; it's a deeply personal journey that reflects the incredible strength and resilience of the children and families supported by Chai Lifeline.

This summer, once again I'll be tackling the most challenging part of my commitment: a grueling 2-day, 150+ mile ride through the breathtaking landscapes of the Pocono and Catskill Mountains. The physical challenge pales in comparison to the daily battles faced by these brave young souls, yet it serves as a powerful reminder of why we ride.

Chai Lifeline's work is a beacon of hope for over 6,000 families facing the unimaginable. From counseling, meals, and transportation to medical appointments, to the joy brought by Camp Simcha and its sister camps, their comprehensive support is invaluable. Witnessing the impact of these services first-hand has only deepened my resolve.

This year, I've set an ambitious goal to raise $54,000 for this crucial cause. If you've joined me in this journey by donating in the past, I extend my heartfelt thanks. Your generosity has been a source of strength and encouragement. You know the joy of helping and will hopefully help out again. If you haven't yet had the opportunity, I urge you to consider it. What are you waiting for? Every donation, fully tax-deductible, is a step towards making a significant difference in the lives of these courageous children and their families.

Please, lend your support by clicking the donate button now. Your contribution can bring unparalleled care, joy, and hope to those in dire need.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering this cause that resonates so deeply with me. Together, we can make a substantial impact.

Thank you so much,


P.S. To discover more about the Bike4Chai adventure and the extraordinary lives we're riding for, please visit


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