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Gavriel Soltan | Lakewood, NJ

Gavriel Soltan

This summer, I am excited to once again take part in Bike4Chai, an exhilarating 100-mile cycling event benefiting the children and families of Chai Lifeline.
This is just one of the ways I try to give back to the amazing organization that helped us when my oldest son was sick. For the duration of his illness and well beyond, Chai Lifeline was there for us. Packages in the hospital, rides to and from treatments, weekends for us to rejuvenate and connect with other to help support each other, events for our families, the list goes on and on. Chai Lifeline makes sure you can focus on getting your child better while your family and your daily life are taken care of. This is obviously just a small glimpse into what Chai Lifeline does.
Please help me in giving back to them so they can continue their great work! Any amount is appreciated!


PS. For more information regarding this ride please visit


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1. Magnet Me Up-Magnets in Print
2. Yehuda And Aliza
Don’t forget how to pedal!
3. One Real Estate
Mordechai and Chaya Klein, One Real Estate
4. Ma & Ta
Ride, Gavriel, ride! We are so proud of you!
5. Sruly And Zipporah Thaler
6. Anonymous

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