Hey guys - it’s been a wild three years since my last Bike4Chai ride in 2019. It was hard to motivate in 2020 with Covid fears. In 2021 I had similar reasoning but equally, it was a matter of letting the hassle of bothering you, friends and family, for money, and putting in the time to train. Like many of you, I’ve been “aging in place” and if I’ve learned anything over this period it’s that barriers to engaging with the world will only grow with time, especially when there’s a universal reason supplied, but to be more than a lone speck, to be part of something bigger, those barriers are well worth the rising price of hurdling. All that said, though these personal reasons for my decision to partake in this year’s Bike4Chai ride may not be of tremendous interest, I’m very glad to say there is a larger and more universal cause to which your contributions will be put. As you can read above (on my contribution page), Chai Lifeline makes a powerful difference in the lives of children and their families coping with severe illness and disability. Another way to get outside ourselves - which seems a great life goal, particularly in this time - is to focus on helping others who plainly need it. Reflecting on it, I am grateful that organizations like Chai Lifeline exist to organize and mobilize help, and that they give us the opportunity to participate in this effort even if we cannot individually take the necessary actions to give sick children and their families comfort in and respite from their pain. So, I ask that you will join me on this effort to support Chai Lifeline on behalf of those in need, and that you donate generously to my campaign. I will not be bothering you frequently, as this ride is two weeks away, but I will provide one or two updates as we move to race day. Finally, friends and family on Facebook, or wherever this goes, I am so grateful to you for making this contribution - or if you cannot give money at this time - for sending me a note of love and support. It is so good to reconnect with you all! Much love, Jared