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Alon Tolwin | Southfield, MI
I donated to my B4C campaign

Alon Tolwin

It was the turbulent 60's. I was in the Skokie Yeshiva. The air was filled with revolution, hippies and quite frankly, joy. It was a joyful time and for kids like me, yeshiva was a drag. It was more fun at Grant Park or Old Town. There was one guy who understood me and kept me in the fold. Move ahead, it is now the early 70's No longer is the goal to be a rock star. I am learning in Yeshivas Tifrach in Israel. I was breaking my head trying to be a good yeshiva bachur. The same guy was there, in Israel. He said that as great as it is to learn in Tifrach, he wanted me to meet someone. This someone was Reb Noah Weinberg, zt"l. Everyone thought that I was nuts but I moved in to his fledgling little yeshiva in B'nai Brak. That place morphed and moved and grew into Aish HaTorah.
All this is not the point. The point is that that guy, Jack Rajchenbach, changed my life. No, he probably saved my life.
It would have been easy to just become another ex-yeshiva guy making money, or another yeshiva guy learning full time. But he propelled me into the realm of being responsible.
Jack has been ill for about 8 years. Thank our Creator that he is here with us. Jack is a model of responsibility.
Is there an organization that he does not help, is there a number to the individuals who he has given the chance to become independent?
He needs us now.
We appreciate that all we can ever ask God for is a free gift.
I ask our Father in Heaven for a free gift. I ask you to ask as well, for the gift of strength and health for Jack Rajchenbach.
How will we, so to speak, get God's attention? I am going to ride a bike and raise money.
All I ask of you is to give money to Bike4Chai in his merit.

Please contribute generously to this important cause by clicking on the donate button now.
On behalf of the children of Chai Lifeline, thank you for your support.

Much love,
Alon Tolwin

PS. For more information regarding this ride please visit


raised of $18,000 goal


1. Chaim Hulen
Yasher koach Rabbi Tolwin!!! The Hulen Family
2. Anonymous
3. Anonymous
4. Michael And Cindy Levy
It is an honor to support your ride! Praying for a refuah shlaima for all those in need…
5. Andrew And Shayna Jacob
6. Daniel And Adina Lebovic

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