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    2 Days of your life to support kids with cancer and other illnesses
    180 miles through Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York
    5000 FAMILIESserved by
    Chai Lifeline each year
    430 Kids get the summer of a lifetime in Camp SImcha
    Funds raised to date: $2,501,343.69

    100K Club

    Ralph Herzka $213,318.00 Moey Shabot $107,578.00

    Triple Chai Club

    Abie Maleh $75,583.00 Barry Berg $59,328.00

    Double Chai Club

    Shalom Stein $48,841.00 Mordy Husarsky $46,575.00 Morris Tabush $36,076.00

    Chai Club

    Saul Wolhendler $33,591.00 Steve Lubin $32,249.00 Avi Nachum $31,072.00 Eli Marder $30,485.89 Warren Roll $30,132.00 Paul (Pinchus) Gilbert $30,100.00 Efraim Steif $29,890.00 Allan Lieberman $27,304.00 Abe Hirsch $26,200.00 Alan Shamah $25,000.00 Jack Augenstein $24,038.00 Avery Stok $22,150.00 David Ebrani $22,134.00 Rubin Bendelstein $21,959.00 Mitch (Michoel) Barnett $21,779.00 Steven Weissman $19,370.00 Akiva Rudner $18,914.00 Joseph Mansour $18,461.00 Eli Schron $18,036.00 Dov Lebovic $18,000.00

    10K Club

    Avrom Horenstein $17,700.56 Gary Kaufman $16,560.00 Marc Herskowitz $16,133.29 Shuly Vorhand $15,984.27 Yossi Rotberg $15,524.14 Michael Harbater $14,949.00 Jack Dweck $14,924.00 Avi Iczkovits $14,888.76 Joe Wassertheil $14,000.00 Mark Shalam $12,908.01 Hillel Jaffa $12,719.00 Barry Aranoff $12,711.00 Kolev Klein $12,432.60 Elie Edalati $11,931.00 Simcha Wolin $11,796.00 Issac Widroff $11,604.00 Avi Tobias $11,550.00 David (Yubie) Richt $11,044.69 Lenny Tanzer $11,000.00 Aaron Mayer $10,508.00 Ari Ginsberg $10,466.00 Matthew Kest $10,287.00 Zac Gindi $10,229.00 Simon Singer $10,180.00 Shaya Lieber $10,154.00 Natan Weingarten $10,000.00 Jerry Rozenberg $10,000.00 Reuven Feldman $10,000.00
    • $5.95 Mil
      total raised in 2015
    • $4.2 Mil
      total raised in 2014
    • $2.8 Mil
      total raised in 2013
    • $1.8 Mil
      total raised in 2012
    Daily Top Fundraisers

    Fundraiser of the Day
    Saul Wolhendler - $6,130


    Most Sponsors of the Day
    Michael Harary - 15


    honorary riding partners

    Baila Age: 11

    Baila's parents describe her as happy and always positive. This intrepid fifth-grader is determined that illness and disability will not stop her. Her future plans include getting married, having a large family, and becoming a teacher.
    Arianna Age: 10

    She's a singer, dancer, daughter, sister, baker, songwriter and full-time inspiration to everyone who knows her. She can't decide whether to be a doctor or a dance instructor (or both!) when she grows up.
    Peri Age: 15

    Peri was born with nemaline rod myopathy, the Eastern European form of muscular dystrophy. She needs both a wheelchair and respirator, but Peri still keeps up with her peers. She's a dancer, an artist, and an enthusiastic Camp Simcha Special camper. She can't decide between psychology, law, or children's advocacy as a career, but she is determined to make the world a better place.
    Mikayla Age: 9

    When Mikayla was diagnosed with cancer this summer, one of her first stops after starting treatment was Camp Simcha. She is currently in treatment. When asked about her dreams, Mikyla said, "She wants her cancer to be gone for good - and she wants world peace!"
    Anny Age: 14

    Anny's brain tumors robbed her of her sight, but not of her determination to develop her talents. For her Bat Mitzvah, she recorded a CD of her own songs to raise money for Chai Lifeline. This year she started in the music program at Frisch High School in New Jersey. She plans to become a professional singer, songwriter and actress.
    Age: 12

    Daniel traveled from South Africa to attend Camp Simcha after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now in the 7th grade, Daniel loves listening to music, assembling fantastic and complex Lego sets, and creating art. His dream job would integrate all these interests: he wants to design computer games.
    Chana Age: 10

    Chana was born with epilepsy, and seizures have been part of her life since she was four. She is determined to enjoy life, and had the summer of a lifetime at Camp Simcha Special this year.
    Yitzy Age: 18

    Yitzy was diagnosed with a very rare cancer in March and underwent surgery in April, and will run the Miami Half Marathon with Team Lifeline in Miami. He raised more than $11,000 in just a few weeks. Yitzy is graduating high school this year and looking for college in September.
    Avi Age: 13

    Avi, AKA Super Avi, is a 13 year old boy who's been a constant source of inspiration to thousands of people across the globe as he battles Lymphoma. The one thing that superseded his love for Camp Simcha, is the Yankees.
    Coby Age: 11

    Meet Coby, a Camp Simcha sports fan, who had the pleasure of meeting Jacoby Jones with his Chai Lifeline counselor. This 11 year old spends his day catching up on school, tracking his teams, chilling with friends, and beating cancer. Coby is anxiously looking forward to his second year at Camp Simcha.
    Samara Age: 10

    Samara is a 10 yr old from NJ who lost her leg from Rhabdomyosarcoma. She loves, princesses, dancing, writing stories, and reading. She loves spending time with her counselors throughout the year, and them seeing them again at Camp Simcha.
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