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Ride to Inspire!

Yossi Rotberg | Lakewood, NJ

Yossi Rotberg

Two years ago, I joined Bike for Chai to inspire myself and others to realize that physical challenges should never stop you from achieving your goals. You see, I was born with a condition that affects my muscles and may seem to slow me down and limit my opportunities. I first learned to walk when I was close to five years old and mastered bike riding considerably later than a typical child.

I joined Bike for Chai thinking that Hashem (G-D) put me in this world so I can inspire others, but it was I who walked away a changed man. The inspiration I derived over those two days from the unity and caring shown to me by other riders, as each one who passed encouraged me to persevere until that finish line, completely blew my mind!

In truth, the ride is a microcosm of our journey in life. To overcome the obstacles that arise and to support each other in our quest to reaching our personal goals in life. This year my ride is dedicated to making the most of our individual lives as a zchus (Merit) for a complete refuah (Recovery) for
Rephael Chaim Shar Yashuv ben Babah Chaya Rivka

My ride is personal. It's about not losing focus and realizing that's it's the beneficiaries of chai lifeline who we are riding for. It's not about being a better athlete or competition. It's rather a means to an end, a means of unifying in order to raise money for a vital cause.

My goal is to raise at least $30,000 so that Chai Lifeline can continue its lifesaving work by literally walking families every step of the way through crisis and healing. As Rephael Chaim's mother often says "I don't know how anyone survives cancer without Chai Lifeline."

My ride is about life, specifically the life of Rephael Chaim Shar Yashuv ben Babah Chaya Rivka, may he have a refuah shelaima (Complete Recovery). I beg you to not only donate but to daven (Pray) that the growth, inspiration, and tzedaka (Charity) be a zchus (Merit) for his complete and speedy recovery.

Best Regards,

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1. MDF Management Inc.
2. Moshe and Leah Webster
Good luck, Yossi We’re so proud of you! Moshe and Leah Webster
3. Isaac Scheinerman
Keep up the Great Work!
4. The team
Yossi you inspire all of us lets bring our team to $450K
5. Dovid And Pessi Kahan
6. Anonymous
You inspire all of us! Hatzlocha rabba!!!!:):)
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