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Thank you from our entire family!

Benjamin Weiskind | Baltimore, MD
I donated to my B4C campaign

Benjamin Weiskind

We are among the fortunate. Each morning, our family has the bracha/blessing of seeing our beautiful daughter Sarah Naomi. As you may know, she was given the priceless gift os a heart transplant over 8 years ago. While we are fortunate to enjoy seeing her grow up day by day, not all families with children suffering from illness have the same outcome. Each day and every moment is a challenge for them. Our experience with Chai Lifeline is that it is life-changing and supportive of the many families it services, like it did for us. Sarah Naomi gained incredible skills of confidence, of empathy, of love, and of inspiration from being a camper at Camp Simcha Special for many years and from being sent to Israel for 2 weeks by Chai Lifeline. Chai Lifeline is our bracha/blessing. Please don't underestimate the value it has in the lives of families and children it holds up. Please donate generously and know that when we tell you that your support helps others, we can vouch for this incredible organization and the caring people who run it. We look forward this year to supporting Chai Lifeline by raising funds through this bike ride. While Yogie will not be able to join this year, he hopes to ride with me in future B4C rides. So, I get to eat his ice cream cone on the ride this year...

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Ride well boys and enjoy!
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