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Moshe Wulliger | Brooklyn, NY

Moshe Wulliger

It’s hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly, but this summer will be my 9th time joining Chai Lifeline in their annual Bike4Chai ride. While the ride itself and the preparation may be exhilarating and at times presents an extremely difficult challenge, the look on the faces of the children as we reach Camp Simcha and complete our journey makes it all worthwhile. Afterall, what’s a 100 mile bike ride when you hear the stories of some of these children, many who themselves have faced seemingly insurmountable challenges of their own.

Though the money we raise individually may seem but a small drop in the bucket, cumulatively the amount raised by this ride is quite significant. The cost of the smiles that it helps to generate on the faces of the children of Camp Simcha is priceless.

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1. Moshe Wulliger
Keep up the great work 👍
2. Maimonides Medical Center
3. Shimon Eckstein
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5. Psachya Wulliger
Good luck from your Vermont Ave fans!
6. Sruli Korn

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