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Mendy Braun | Brooklyn, NY

Mendy Braun

Once again I am training for the Bike4Chai ride and once again I’m turning to you for your help. This event has become a highlight of my summer and is an accomplishment I’m very proud of. Not only for the physicality of the ride and for the limits I push myself to. More so, it’s because I know my efforts are having a far reaching effect on the campers of Camp Simcha. These children enjoy a fun filled and worry free atmosphere while they are here and their smiles are all the motivation any of us need.
My son Eli is a division head again this year. He has been working on the schedule, special activities and events for months now. It truly warms my heart to see the selfless dedication of all the staff members here. Everyone, in their own way, contributes.
Please help me in your own way by responding generously to my appeal. Every dollar counts and every donation is really appreciated.
Wishing you a wonderful summer....


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1. Michael Rouzenrouch
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Have a great ride! Jack and Josh
3. Fedora
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Yehuda is a loving, smart and creative 10 year old boy. He enjoys learning Torah, acting out Star Wars scenes and spending time with his family and friends. Yehuda wants to be a Rabbi when he grows up.
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