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Mendy Braun | brooklyn, NY

I will take part once again in the annual Bike4chai event. This 180 mile bike ride raises money to support Chai Lifeline in the incredible work they do in assisting families dealing with catastrophic childhood illnesses. I became involved with this organization seven years ago when I participated in the first official ride. I was deeply affected then and over the years I am only more and more inspired... Forming real and lasting friendships with many of the wonderful people associated with chai lifeline has afforded me firsthand knowledge of their operation and accomplishments. I have come to know families experiencing the most difficult situations and seen how chai lifeline helps in lifting their burdens. In addition to countless programs throughout the year, Chai Lifeline provides these special children a reprieve from their disease with a stay at Camp Simcha. This camp is a state of the art respite from their everyday reality of childhood cancer and other debilitating diseases. For a two week period, campers enjoy a much needed break in an atmosphere both safe and exciting. My son Eli was a staff member the past 2 summers at Camp Simcha and is returning this year to be a counselor again. I can't fully express how that experience has changed him. Camp is a non-stop adventure where campers are treated to the time of their lives. Hearing his stories solidifies what I already know to be true... There is no place like it and their work is unbelievable.

No child should ever have to suffer and in a perfect world, none would. The reality though, is these children face daily pain and uncertainty. When I pull into the gates of Camp Simcha after a long and challenging ride, I am greeted with their cheers and delight. For those brief moments, I am part of something greater than myself and the feeling is indescribable. I see their smiles and their laughter and know in some small way, I have helped.
This year I have set a personal goal of raising $50,000. I know this money will go a long way. I humbly turn to you and ask you to join me in supporting this very worthy cause. Together we can do great things...


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1. Anonymous
From your friends keep up the good work.
2. Global
3. Fedora
keep on climbing we will keep on building.
4. Anonymous
5. Scott Mager
Ride Mendy ride!!!
6. Israel And Carole Abramcyk

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Age: 10

When Mikayla was diagnosed with cancer this summer, one of her first stops after starting treatment was Camp Simcha. She is currently in treatment. When asked about her dreams, Mikyla said, “She wants her cancer to be gone for good – and she wants world peace!”
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