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Gary's 2020 Campaign

Gary Bauman | BALTIMORE, MD
I donated to my B4C campaign

Gary Bauman

My, how the world has changed. When I first signed up for this year's ride I was thinking about turning 60 and starting to train for my 5th Bike4Chai ride.

Now all I think about is what it is a like for a child with cancer and their family during these unbelievable times. I have heard the stories and they are heartbreaking, gut-wrenching and make you cry. Yet the flip side of the story is the amazing work that Chai Lifeline continues to do despite all that is going on.

How do you support a child and a family when you have to be socially distant? What do you do when the system is overwhelmed with others that are sick with Coronavirus? And how do you care for devastated children who on top of everything, now due to their immunocompromised are totally isolated from their friends, contacts and support structure?

You do what Chai Lifeline has done. You work 24 hours a day. You become creative. You never miss a beat. And you are always there for those in need. And then you realize what this is all about.

From the volunteers who created a hula hoop course for a boy with cancer and although he had to stay inside was able to fly a drone around the course to the girl who was able to use zoom to stay in touch with her friends, to the virtual camp pairing over 90 kids with volunteers for blocks of entertainment thereby giving parents a break.This is what Chai Lifeline does and is doing.

We all know these are challenging times. But this year, this event, this campaign, is all about the kids. I know fundraising is going to be different this year. I know for some it is not possible to donate. I know for others it will be a stretch. I ask you to do whatever you can. Every dollar helps. Every amount we raise will allow the children to have what they so desperately need. I urge you to consider donating to this cause.

Thank you for supporting Chai Lifeline!

Be well,



raised of $20,000 goal


1. Anonymous
Good luck riding for the children! This year they need your help more than ever!!!!
2. Anonymous
Do it for the children!!!
3. Barbara And Craig Neuman
Way to go Gary!
4. Anonymous
5. Moshe Rechthand
6. Lora Salladin

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