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Support "Yossi" and others stricken by cancer

Eli Press | Bala Cynwyd, PA

Eli Press

Instead of the usual Bike 4 Chai post, read this personal story of a boy named Yossi; I am raising money for Yossi. Please donate what you can.

Yossi came home from Yeshiva in Florida in December for break and he started having issues which kept getting progressively worse (nauseau, right side weakness).
When we took him to CHOP, they immediately sent him for an MRI and diagnosed him with an inoperable brain tumor.   They did radiation which was the only treatment they had.
Later on they put in a shunt as well.   He was in CHOP from January 11th through Lag B’omer. CHOP also has a very restrictive visitor policy so initially only Sarah and I were allowed to be there.  Eventually we were able to add 2 names but they could not really be swapped out.  So while there, we learned what an amazing organization Chai Lifeline really is.   First, they come to visit constantly.  Rabbi Yehoshua Brodsky constantly came by to check on us, talk with us and help us with anything we need.  They would bring things that could be useful for Yossi like ipads, devices to hold ipad to the bed, equipment to be able to see Yossi from home etc.   They have an amazing well stocked kosher pantry with meat and dairy meals, snacks, drinks, hot meals on Shabbos and Chagim, Seforim, information on minyanim for Shabbos, etc   The executive director of the region, Rabbi Sruli Fried, would visit every Wednesday.  He even brought me to Lakewood for his Purim Seudah.  When Sarah mentioned that she likes salads, Rabbi Brodsky would bring salads from Lakewood to drop off at the room.   Then when Yossi was stable enough to be discharged, it was not very smooth on CHOP’s part.
One of the things was their subcontractor delivered a bed with a cracked bed frame that was completely unsuitable for Yossi and looked like it had been sitting in a warehouse corner for 50 years (and this was the day before he was to be discharged).   Before Yossi got home (basically within 12 hours of being informed), Chai Lifeline had delivered and put together a suitable modern bed and a modern lift to get Yossi from the bed to his wheelchair.
Just this past week, we ran into more issues when CHOP sent medicine that was needed to our local pharmacy who told us that this prescription is not something they can fill and needs to be done at the CHOP pharmacy.
Chai Lifeline arranged for it to be delivered just in time for next dose which was less than 2 hours after we told them.
I can’t say enough for the services and help that Chai Lifeline provides and we have tremendous hakaros hatov to them.   They do so much and as recipients of their assistance, we can wholeheartedly endorse them and confirm that it a great organization to give tzedakah money to.

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