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I Ride For Evan Levy!!!

Brian Haimm | Englewood, NJ

Brian Haimm

Approximately 15 years ago, I surpassed 150 lbs on the scale and decided that I needed to quickly get into shape before things quickly spiraled out of control. I took up biking and soon thereafter decided to raise money biking for Chai Lifeline and it’s summer camp for children with cancer, Camp Simcha.

Unfortunately in 2014, Chai Lifeline/cancer/biking hit too close to home when a close friend's son, Evan Levy, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At just two years old, he developed relationships with each of my four children and was a mainstay in our home. He was witty, smart, feisty, kind and fun loving. I spent countless days and nights in the hospital with Evan and his family—while we tried lifting his spirits, he didn’t realize that he was lifting ours. Even at such a young age, he was laser-focused on ignoring his illness and ensuring others around him were happy and laughing.

Sadly, Evan lost his battle just 18 months later. Though grieving, his family was incredibly grateful that they had the resources to be able to focus 100 percent of their efforts on Evan and their other children. Unfortunately, lost in the madness of childhood cancer are the financial burdens that can overcome a family in crisis. Things that were once taken for granted, suddenly become unaffordable luxuries. As such, Evan's family, in conjunction with Chai Lifeline, has established the Evan Levy Fund, with the sole purpose of alleviating some of the monetary pressure that families in crisis face.

This bike ride has now become personal. I ride for Evan and his smile. I ride for Evan and his grit and his toughness. I ride for every child warrior battling cancer. I ride for the parents that struggle to pay the bills while they care for their child.

I kindly ask that you partner with me, the Levy Family and Chai Lifeline to help struggling families staring childhood illness in the face.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity.

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In honor of Shaya, Brian and Team Opal. May you continue doing great things for Klal Yisrael!
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