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Bike4chai 2022

Avi Iczkovits | montreal, QC

Avi Iczkovits

Dear Friends,
In 10 days time on August 11th, I will once again be challenging myself to ride 130km in the Laurentian mountains. My goal is to raise $130,000 for Chai Lifeline Montreal.
For those who don’t already know, Chai Lifeline is our baby.
My wife and I pioneered the opening, building, and day to day operations of Chai Lifeline Montreal chapter, staff and workload. Through community support and volunteer assistance, we have grown tremendously and are proud of how far we've come, but we remain steadfast in our mission to continue growing and sustaining this unbelievable organization. 
So… why Chai Lifeline? Why should you donate to this cause?
There are many catchphrases that we use to describe what Chai Lifeline does. We fight illness with love, we battle cancer with hope, and we bring some light into the darkness.
I would like to share with you what all those phrases really mean by painting you a picture.
There’s a Dad, a Mom, and a few children. Life is busy, there's school and work and responsibilities, but life is good. One day, their kid isn’t feeling well. It stretches on, some bloodwork is taken, and then the parents worst fears come true. A devastating diagnosis is given. In just a few moments, the routine normal life that they’ve always known has ended. There's a new reality, a hellish nightmare that they can’t wake up from. There are new roles to be filled. Mom is now the full time caregiver, and is in the hospital for days on end. Dad is juggling work, trying to run the home, and take care of the other kids. Homework, bath time, and suppers are things of the past, and every day is an exhausting uphill battle. There's too much they need, too much to ask for, and no light in the darkness. 
Chai Lifeline isn't magic, we can't heal the sick, and we don't provide a cure.
What we can do is to help this family function through this madness.
We start by assigning a case worker to the family. A professional reassuring angel who makes herself available to the family 24/7. 
Then we start to pick up the fallen pieces. Suppers to be delivered, a big sister volunteer to come over and do homework, and fun activities for the siblings to provide just a bit of distraction from the heaviness in the home. 
We offer things that haven't even been asked for, but are often so desperately needed.
Medical referrals, financial aid, cleaning help, family counseling, and of course Camp Simcha- our flagship summer camp in the Catskills. A virtual Disney World on steroids where sick kids get to be just kids again.  

So why Chai Lifeline?
Because when parents are living in a nightmare, when they are facing with what they fear the very most, Chai Lifeline is there.
However we can help, whatever is needed, we make it happen.

I am reaching out to you, my friends and supporters, for your generosity. To help us make it happen. My goal is to raise $130,000 so that the incredible work of Chai Lifeline can continue, allowing more kids to be kids again, and helping us fight illness with love. 

It is a privilege to be able to give. It would be a Divine Gift to have no need for an organization like Chai Lifeline, and may you only ever be on the giving side.
I beg you to dig deep, so that no sick child or family will be left to suffer through serious illness alone.

Our budget is over a million dollars. Through your generosity and fundraisers like Bike4Chai we can continue to fight illness with love, battle cancer with hope, and bring some light into the darkness.

All donations are 100% tax deductible in both Canada and the USA. You can also let me know your pledge and we can invoice you.

Cheques can be mailed in Canada to my office or

Chai Lifeline Canada
300a Wilson Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M3H 1S8

In USA to
Bike4chai C/O Chai Lifeline
106 Clifton Ave
Lakewood NJ

Some incredible videos, well worth the watch;

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