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Yossi Rotberg was born with physical challenges that delayed normal development. He began walking at five, but once he started, Yossi could not be kept back. At 9 years old, he learned to ride a bicycle, and he’s been besting hurdles ever since.
Growing up in Lakewood, New Jersey, the home of Chai Lifeline’s New Jersey regional office, Yossi was always aware of the organization, which provides crucial support for families of children with serious illnesses and medical challenges. “It’s like family. My wife volunteers. She drove people to the hospital and makes dinner for a family who has a sick child.”
Yossi had many friends who had cycled with Bike4Chai as part of Team Lakewood, and was motivated to join them to inspire those with physical challenges and raise money for children who are ill.
“I’m doing this for others and for myself. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much already in my life. I went to regular schools and I have a regular life,” said the married father of two young children. “I hiked Mount Washington, the highest peak on the east coast, so I know this is true: nothing in life is impossible.”
In addition to the physical training, every Bike4Chai cyclist raises a minimum of $5,000 to support Chai Lifeline’s programs. For Yossi, the fundraising seemed more painful than cycling. Although he is naturally gregarious, he admits that it’s difficult for him to ask for help. “Until you ask, it’s like you didn't try your hardest,” he told himself. Still a few weeks away from the tour, Yossi has already raised $18,000.
His attitude is infectious. “I ride slowly, but that’s the reason that I’m riding. If you compete through life, you don’t enjoy it. Life is like a bike ride. If it’s hard, you know you’re going up. If it’s easy, you’re going down.”
Yossi understands that just cycling in the 180-mile, two-day tour is inspiring the people around him. He doesn’t expect to complete all 180 miles, but that’s okay. “I don’t know if I’m going to complete Chai Lifeline’s ride, but I’m going to complete my ride,” he says with confidence.
He is looking forward to joining 499 other cyclists on August 2.