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Yehuda Tischler | Lakewood, NJ

Yehuda Tischler

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my Bike 4 Chai page. I would like to start by introducing myself for any of you who do not know me personally. My name is Yehuda Tischler, or as many people call me Huda. I am the youngest of 8 children. When I was born, there was a complication, causing a lack of oxygen, leaving me with Cerebral Palsy or as many people call is CP. CP symptoms vary from person to person. For me, I can B”H walk, talk and move around, but not like the average kid my age. It took years and years of therapy and extremely hard work, along with a couple of surgeries. Don’t get me wrong- I still struggle a lot with many simple daily tasks. However, I NEVER let that stop me from doing anything. With tremendous support and love and care from my parents, family & friends I was able to keep pushing to get where I am today. I only plan to push even harder and get even further, just you wait and see! Now, I would like to shift the attention to an incredible organization I hold so near and dear. For the past 9 years I had the privilege to attend Camp Simcha Special But this past year I graduated camp simcha but I will hopefully go back as staff next year. For me, there are NO limitations in camp simcha. No matter how difficult something may be- everything is adjusted to work for me and every camper. Never could I have imagined playing sports, doing ropes courses, boating, glass making, pottery, leatherworks, and many different crafts and activities. The list goes on and on you can’t even imagine. In Camp Simcha Special no one looks at me different, there I feel like the typical 17 year old boy. The counselors & staff members are incredible, so selfless, giving me the time of my life the past 9 summer's. For me these two weeks I get to be just me, Yehuda Tischler. Aside from camp, Chai Lifeline is there for myself and my family throughout the year. When I was in the hospital, after one of my recent surgeries, also when I came home, they helped us so much. I have incredible “Big Brothers” that they set me up with. I look forward to hanging out with them each time. Chai Lifeline does more than that as well. They are there for many families, providing meals, essential services, respite for children in hospitals just like myself, you can even ask my parents. After a great push from my brother Ari, 3 years ago, I decided to ride with Bike4Chai along with him. It was the least I can do to show thanks to them for all Chai Lifeline/Camp Simcha have done and continue to do for myself and my family. I am training extremely hard and hoping I can show you all that NOTHING can stop me, and to never give up. Please help me reach my $10,000 goal by donating to this incredible organization. All you have to do is click the button below. I thank you in supporting me! In doing so, helping many children like myself and their family like mine! All the Best, HUDA


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