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Nasanel Gold | Brooklyn, NY

Nasanel Gold

You know my relationship with Chai Lifeline and Camp Simcha goes back many years! I've been volunteering in camp and driving families to hospitals as well as special events for over 15 years! I have watched and heard from families how much of an impact CLL - Camp Simcha has on the child and the entire family!
Please help us help them by supporting me on this ride!
This year the situation is much different then it's been in the past.
There is a possibility that half the kids won't be able to come to camp possibly all. If chas vshalom that is the case they will bring the camp to the kids wherever they are. There is no expense spared bringing simcha to these children and their families!
It is a big zechus for me and my family to be a part of CLL/Camp Simcha!
Please Help us bring smiles to those special kids by supporting me below!
Thank you,
B'ahava, Nasanel


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1. Steven And Symi Eichenstein
2. David Tusk
Alte Kakers of Ohr Meir unite with Nesanel
3. Luis Vazquez
May what I donate be of good use to the children with cancer
4. Yaakov And Aliza Bojman
5. Anonymous
6. Yaron Hen
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