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Avi Iczkovits | montreal, QC

Avi Iczkovits

Dear friend

This may be my 8th year riding and the 10th year of bike4chai, but for me this year is more meaningful than ever. This year my nephew from England who is battling ALL leukemia has just finished 2 weeks at camp simcha.
Two weeks where he could be a kid again, 14 days of normalcy in 2 years of treatment. For 2 weeks he traded needles, CT scans, doctors, nurses and chemo for helicopter rides, car racing, shooting archery, rock climbing and boating and concerts.

Camp Simcha gave him a chance to meet 150 other sick kids that are battling alongside him. An opportunity for him to realize that he isn’t alone and that hope and resilience can conquer all. Camp Simcha has awarded him the opportunity to see sick kids from all over the world, from all walks of life, some older some younger, some sicker some healthier, some with good prognosis’s and some sadly without.
However they all have one common enemy, one common battle and one common fight.

Thank you to the incredibly selfless counsellors who gave him the summer of a lifetime. Thank you to the campers who have taught him how to smile, how to laugh and how to face their demons head on with super human strength, grit and hope.

Thank you mostly to you the donors and supporters who have made this possible for 600 kids every year!!!

I am also incredibly proud and thankful that 3 weeks ago my daughter Esti got the opportunity to be a counsellor in Camp Simcha. She was a counsellor to a young blind girl and for 2 weeks she was her eyes. She got to experience life in a way no one should have to live it and appreciate it that much more.

To quote my daughter, “Dad, Camp Simcha makes all the sick kids feel so normal, that they have made me, the healthy one, feel abnormal and the odd one out”

In just 3 days time, I will be riding bike4chai 2019, 180 miles from Princeton NJ to camp simcha in Glen Spey NY.

So once again I am reaching out to you my friends and supporters for your generosity.
To please help me reach my goal of raising $100,000 to allow the incredible work at camp simcha to continue, to allow more kids to be kids again and for helping us fight illness with love.

This year, I have challenged another rider to raise $250,000 if I reach my $100,000 target so every dollar raised is being matched x 2.5 times!!

All donations are 100% tax deductible both in Canada or the USA, Or let me know what you can pledge and we will bill you.

Cheques can be mailed in Canada to my office (address below) or

Chai Lifeline Canada
300a Wilson Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M3H 1S8

In USA to
Bike4chai C/O Chai Lifeline
106 Clifton Ave
Lakewood NJ

Thank you so much for supporting me and in doing so, helping fight illness with love!

Some incredible videos, well worth the watch;

Day 1

Day 2


raised of $100,000 goal


1. Avi And Reitzu Iczkovits
2. your friends at The Federal Savings Bank
Great push on Friday, keep it going.
3. Neil Rossy
4. Michael And Melissa Assaraf
5. Dan Salomon
6. Ricky Neuman

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