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In Honor of My Father

Avi Spira | New Rochelle, NY
I donated to my B4C campaign

Avi Spira

Born in Slovakia in 1939, my father survived the Holocaust with his family, spending the entirety of the war in Nazi occupied territory. It is a story of miracles, and I am one of the primary beneficiaries of his miraculous life. My father was very aware of how blessed he was, and he devoted his life to the five things that he cared about most - his family, the practice of medicine, children, Torah and his fellow man. As a camp director, as a surgeon, as a talmid chacham, as a family member and as a member of the community, my father personified those values until the day he passed on July 17, 2022. 

I rode Bike4Chai 2022 with an exceptionally heavy heart, but I did it because it allowed me to walk in my father's path. I had raised money in honor and then memory of my cousin who passed away at age 22 after a heroic battle with cancer, who had a love of and for Chai Lifeline - which had provided her with so much support and care.

I also had the opportunity to ride with my cousin who was attempting to pull a Camp Simcha camper on his bike (see photo above) and complete Bike4Chai. Having completed Bike4Chai, I believed that such an attempt might be impossible for a mere mortal. But, I saw an opportunity. There was nothing more that my father would love to see than me, helping my first-cousin-once-removed (or what my dad would call - FAMILY!) make a CAMP Simcha camper's desire to ride Bike4Chai come true.

The ride was more challenging than I imagined, and I spent many a mile pushing the rig as my cousin pulled it up the mountains of upstate New York. Riding and pushing at the same time is definitely a challenge, but I was in awe of the physical and mental strength my cousin displayed that day. With thirty miles to go we were told to take a shorter route. We said, "Absolutely not!" My only regret is that, because of my mourner's obligations, I was only able to ride the second half of the ride with my cousin.

This year, I am dedicating my ride and fundraising to my father. I will ride with family and hope to once again give a Camp Simcha camper and amazing experience. The fund raising will enable the amazing Camp Simcha staff to bring joy to all of the campers and their families.

I am not the man my father was and it will take lifetimes for me to equal the impact that he had on the world. However, for one day, in my own way, I am excited to wrap up all that he held so dearly and bring it to life in my own way. 

Last year, thanks to you, I raised $18,000. It was more than double my highest previous raise. Help me do it again!

On behalf of the children and families of Chai Lifeline, thank you for your support.


PS. For more information regarding this ride please visit

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