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"Bryna was sunshine, a good book, and a shot of espresso all rolled into one adorable person." - Yitzi Kestenbaum

Avi Spira | New Rochelle, NY
I donated to my B4C campaign

Avi Spira

You've probably noticed that the photo on my page is not of me.

The beautiful, vibrant young woman in the photo is my cousin, Bryna Bracha, who passed away this past January. She was 22 years old and battled cancer to the very end.

She and I discussed how much she wanted to be a counselor at Camp Simcha. She wanted to have the opportunity to be there with campers with cancer because she felt so strongly that she had so much to give to the campers - from compassion, to guidance, to optimism. She had a spirit and energy that matched that of Camp Simcha - full of joy and full of life.

Bryna also had a fine eye for detail, not just accepting good - always wanting "great." Bike4Chai and Camp Simcha, in so many ways, are a reflection of who she is on that level. Every detail matters.

My family has remarked that over the past years how amazing Chai Lifeline has been, always providing and never asking for anything. They were a shining light in a challenging time. Chai Lifeline's generosity knew no bounds, available at all hours, providing innumerable kindnesses and services.

While I have participated and raised funds for Bike4Chai for many years, this year I am specifically honoring the memory, the life and the amazing woman that Bryna Bracha was.

I generally raise around $7,500 each year. This year I am looking to more than double my raise to $18,000. Your generosity and support is appreciated.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. 

On behalf of the children of Chai Lifeline, thank you for your support.

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Props to Avi and all the riders who raise awareness and dollars for Chai Lifeline.
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