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  Chai Lifeline provides seriously and chronically ill children and their families with support and encouragement during
  their most trying times. For two weeks of every summer, hundreds of children are granted the ultimate camp
  experience in Camp Simcha, returning home with renewed hope, determination, and the thrill of simply being a
  child rather than a patient.


Bike4Chai is a premier cycling event for cyclists of varying skill levels. The enormous proceeds garnered by Bike4Chai  directly benefit the children of Chai Lifeline.


Bike4Chai kicks off with an opening ceremony on Tuesday August 11, 2020; riders depart in the early hours of Wednesday, August 12,  and arrive to cheers and fanfare in Camp Simcha on Thursday, August 13.


The 180-mile Bike4Chai route winds through three states, challenging even the most advanced riders; the continual support leading up to and through the event, combined with the pure joy that greets the riders at the finish line, encourages riders of every skill level throughout the ride.


Riders partake of wholesome, delicious catered meals to maintain their vitality throughout the event. The carefully curated menu keeps every rider satisfied and energetic at every stage of the ride – from the pre-ride Pasta Party to gourmet rest-stop fare to the much-anticipated post-ride BBQ at the end of the ride.

Every rider is fully equipped with everything he needs for a successful ride: two Bike4Chai jerseys, two insulated water bottles, T-shirts, Bike4Chai bags, and assorted Bike4Chai gear – to meet every need – throughout the  event.
Finish Line
The ride culminates in a grand welcome at the World’s Greatest Finish Line in Camp Simcha itself, an emotional and awesome reminder of the very purpose of the ride. The riders cross the finish line simultaneously and are immediately engulfed in the love and joy that characterizes Camp Simcha, every camper and staff member celebrating their arrival.
“Simcha” translates to “joy” – the very essence of Camp Simcha. The children of Camp Simcha are granted an unforgettable two-week reprieve from the pain, fear, and challenges of their lives. A summer in Camp Simcha is an extraordinary opportunity for
 hundreds of children to restore their fighting spirit and renew their determination to defeat illness and suffering.
Humble Beginnings
In 2009, a solitary  rider named Dovid Egert, a devoted Chai Lifeline volunteer, raised $10,000 in donations sponsoring a 135-mile bike ride from his home in Lakewood, NJ to Camp Simcha in Glen Spey, NY. His revolutionary ride provided the children of Camp Simcha with the summer of a lifetime; it also sparked an enormous innovation in fundraising.
The next year, Dovid was joined by Elliot Zaks and 38 inspired riders, and Bike4Chai was established.
This summer, hundreds of riders will participate in the 11th Bike4Chai ride, spanning three states over the course of two days. They will experience a cohesive, motivational ride through 180 miles of breathtaking scenery and incredible unity, triumphantly crossing a finish line like no other.