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Welcome Team Menachem's Page- Moshe Falik (Rider)

Moshe Falik | Brooklyn, NY

Moshe Falik

My son Menachem attended Camp Simcha Special for the first time last year. We've all heard about Chai Lifeline, and the all the work they do. Until they became a necessity in our lives, we didn’t appreciate their value. Menachem was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 3. It is an illness which robs him of the very actions we take for granted, getting up , getting dressed, walking , running, and active sports activities with his peers. It is a debilitating and degenerative disease.

He is an amazing, wonderful, smiling, friendly, child who loves to learn Mishnayos, anything related to wildlife, play with Lego, Nintendo Wii Switch, Pokémon, Harry Potter, sing Benny Friedman and Simcha Liner songs. You would never know from having a conversation with him about the struggles he faces. Happiness radiates from him. Get to know him and you will see that no matter the difficulty he is not a quitter. I learn from him every day. I see the struggle it is to make it to class on time. But still he wakes up excited to get going. Every activity involved takes every ounce of strength out of him. But he is ready to greet the day and conquer it.

Last summer in the midst of his regular schedule all was stopped, All had to revolve around Menachem going to Camp Simcha Special. After seeing the pictures and his smiles, we now understand. Camp Simcha is like no other place. There is nonstop excitement, glee, delight and enjoyment for 10 days straight. He has been waiting for this all year. He has been talking about it all year. He cant wait to go to the next Chai Lifeline event to meet up with his friends from camp. In short Camp Simcha/Camp Simcha Special / Chai Life Line and the families they serve are one big extended family.

Most of us have heard of Bike 4 Chai , saw the bumper stickers or the many riders training. If you haven’t it is the very fundraiser that Camp Simcha Special and many of Chai Lifeline’s activities are supported through. It is a 2 day trip 198 miles that ends at Camp. I used to bike, but nowhere near this amount. Last summer when Menachem heard about Bike 4Chai to him it was a No Brainer that I would be doing it. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. This year I do not plan to let him down. What better enthusiast can you have other than parents of children who are directly being cared for currently by Camp Simcha Special / Chai Lifeline. The training will be hard. The ride will be tough. But it it will be worth it in the end.

My hesitancy all fall aside when my son says.

"Am I going to see you at the finish line this summer?"

I know many of you will be inundated with requests from friends, relatives and acquaintances to support this ride. Please do not feel pressured. This is a request from a grateful parent doing a ride in honor of an amazing kid. If you can sponsor towards this ride as well in honor of this young man i'd be grateful, If you are already so obligated, just share a word or two of encouragement.

TIzku Lemitzvos,
Thank You,

PS. For more information regarding this ride please visit

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We are rooting for you and Menachem for a full recovery. Eli Banash, Eli Baum, Yaakov Beer, Shmuli Dewick, Mojo Ilovitz, Duke, Yitzy Kolodny, Josh Schachner, JJ Schwartz
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In honor of menchem From gedalia Buchler.
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