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Alan Buchbinder | Saint Louis Park, MN

Alan Buchbinder

This summer, l am riding in memory/honor of my nephew Steven Buchbinder. He was an amazing young man and he made everyone smile.

As a child, Steven was hit by a car crossing the street. Due to severe injuries he was quadriplegic which meant he lost the use of most of his body including his arms and legs. He had long hospital stays and his parents had to install an elevator in their home for a Steven to be able to come home. His parents Sam and Renee and his sister Hope did everything they could for him.

Despite all the injuries, Steven persevered and was able to do many things in his short but truly meaningful life. He grew into an amazing young adult prior to his passing from complications of his illness.

I believe that if he were alive today that Chai Lifeline would have been a big part of his life. He most likely would have been able to attend Camp Simcha Special and made many new friends.

Steven was my hero growing up. May his memory be a blessing.

Please donate in Steven’s honor at

Thank you,
Alan Buchbinder

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Terrific Mission Alan. Keep up your awesome work
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You're doing a beautiful thing, Al
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