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Josh Berkowitz | Kew Garden Hills, NY
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Josh Berkowitz

Two years ago, I joined an event that was created to help hundreds--if not thousands-- of livesand in the process ended up helping myself as well.

The event? Chai Lifeline's Bike for Chai.

The reason I initially signed up was actually quite personal. The 18th month old son of one of my employees was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As the best treatment available was located in Philadelphia the entire family relocated there temporarily from their home in New Jersey. The upheaval of the treatment was exacerbated by the added upheaval of the relocation yet through it all Chai Lifeline lived up to their name by acting as a lifeline that's there for them regardless

Case in point, due to concerns of Covid, they were offered the option of at-home treatment--provided they could arrange for the medications to make it to New Jersey. Chai Lifeline didn't just make it happen, they've also been providing the family with food and most anything else to ensure both their child's well-being and the family's "menuchas hanefesh". The cost of this amazing service? Nothing. Providing life-saving medication, and "soul-saving" peace of mind--is what makes it a privilege for me to support them by RidingForChai.

Yes, we're all aware of the groundbreaking work of Camp Simcha--their flagship summer program that gives both children and their families a 'vacation'--as in a much needed chance to focus on something besides the hell that has engulfed their lives. Yet, as impressive as Camp Simcha is, it's part of a bigger yet just as impressive picture--one that's reflected in situations like the one I just shared --and countless others in situations we should never know about

What we DO know is that today more than ever ChaiLifeline needs our help more than ever, I consider it a privilege to "Ride for Chai" and would consider it an even bigger privilege if you'd partner with me by simply clicking here

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Refuah Shelaima Mordechai Yosef ben Gita Yakova
2. Michael Zegel
3. Kathy Licursi
What a wonderful cause you are riding for! I am grateful to be a tiny part of it. Stay safe and healthy! -Kathy
4. Zev And Sarah Tendler
In honor of a great guy doing a great thing for a great cause. Proud to be your friends !
5. Jacob And Selma Dyckman
6. Helen Weg
refuah shlaimah to Moshe Ben Miriam
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