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Aaron's Bike For Chai page

Aaron Schnittman | Rochester, NY

Aaron Schnittman

Two years ago, in the middle of the first covid wave, my kid brother Jeremy asked me to join him on a 100 mile fundraising ride in the sweaty funk of NJ and PA. The cause? Chai Lifeline, an amazing organization with the mission of supporting kids and families living with chronic illnesses of every kind.

When our oldest son was going through brain surgeries ten years ago we learned that many families are almost helpless in this experience, and we started our own small charity to support these kids. Chai Lifeline does what my wife and I were doing in Philly, but on a much larger scale, helping countless kids with health problems most people will never have to deal with or worry about.

Bike For Chai is Chai Lifeline's primary fundraiser each summer. I intend to get off my couch, train for heat and hills, and beg my friends and family to donate in my name, and in the name of my nephew Chaim, a wicked smart kid from DC who needs the support Chai Lifeline offers.

Every summer, kids with chronic illness, who strive to live within the Jewish community as normal as possible, get the chance to attend Camp Simcha in the Pocono mountains, where nurses, social workers, super-fun counselors and many other fantastic people make sure they have the best week of the year. Chai Lifeline makes this, and many other things, possible for the families dealing with stuff most of us never have to think about.

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Nice going a a ron
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Go get 'em Aarron!!
6. Jeremy Schnittman
Can't wait to ride with you bro!

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