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Aaron Nayman | Lakewood , NJ
I donated to my B4C campaign

Aaron Nayman

As you well know , I bike for Chai Lifeline.
This year I will IyH be biking lz'n my friends daughter who just passed away (20y)
Chai Lifeline is there for our friends and family's in so many critical ways.
Please help Chai Lifeline continue to support them.
May you be blessed w/ only good health and happiness


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1. Gluck Brothers
For a good friend and a great guy
2. Perfect Concrete Construction
3. Rave on Trend
4. Laguna Siding
5. Aaron Nayman
You keep going full throttle! May Hashem grant u continued success in all that you do! ❤️ Shaindy and co.
6. Citi Flooring
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