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Morty Stern | Montreal, QC

Morty Stern

I would like to dedicate his year’s challenge to Miki and many sick kids with Cancer. I will ride my bicycle 750 km through 4 USA states and arrive at the Camp for Cancer kids in just a little over 3 days.
Fortunately the last many months has been extremely better for our very dear friend Miki & family. Miki 12 years old who lives in Jerusalem where she was diagnosed with a very rare tumor. Miki was undergoing treatment in New York and New Jersey ,due to its rarity there were very limited places in the world that can treat her. I have been exposed to the stark contrast between a community that has an active Chai Lifeline chapter and one that does not. The work Chai Lifeline does is lifesaving as I witnessed how Chai Lifeline can put a smile on Miki’s face when I visited her and give here the strength to continue the battle which she is beating. Last year Miki was able to attend Camp for only 2 days but those 2 days was the best thing that happened to her last year. Gratefully Miki is attending Camp for 2 weeks this summer. Listen to this amazing video.
Miki’s camp experience

The same goes for many sick kids here in Canada that Chai Lifeline takes care of in our Canadian divisions and in many countries for that matter.

The time has come to ask you all please for your kind support towards these unfortunate predominant cancer sick kids. Summer time in camp restores their spirits and renews their determination to fight!. that provides seriously ill children with a vacation from sickness, restoring their spirits and renewing their determination to fight.
So let’s change these kids together. I will make this extra effort to get to this goal as we all feel a child should live every moment without any struggles which they encounter every hour, every minute. I need your support as your support shows the love that you have for these children and will get us through these huge amount of KMs so we together can send as many kids as possible to Camp. You with us can take away these struggles in life that they live.
This challenge starts on Monday, August.12. and ends as we ride into Camp on Thursday afternoon Aug.15. to give these children with cancer and other illnesses a chance to restore their spirits, renew their determination to fight their terrible illnesses which effect their life.

I'm reaching out to you in hopes of you agreeing to partner with me and help this extraordinary organization that gives kids a chance to live.
You can click on this below link and donate or email me back today the amount you will sponsor me.

The challenge for these kids and their families we know is much greater than our 750 km ride .

Chai Lifeline Canada is a none profit organization dedicated to helping Canadian children suffering from Cancer & serious illness as well as their family members.

Chai Lifeline is passionately devoted to alleviating the burden of those facing medical challenge. From the moment of diagnosis, through the arduous months and years, in good times and bad, Canadian families have discovered that Chai Lifeline Canada is a friend for life.

The ride won’t be easy, but neither is life for a child with cancer or other serious illness.

Each year, Camp Simcha and its sister camp, Camp Simcha Special, offer 420 children the chance to forget about their medical conditions and just be kids again.
Traditional activities and dynamic programs offer an exhilarating camping experience that restores their spirits and renews their determination to fight illness all year long and gives them a chance to just be kids again.
The cost for one child to attend overnight camp for the summer season is over $6,000. to learn more visit

All donations are 100% tax-deductible in Canada and the United States.
Thank you for supporting me but most of all supporting these kids and their families……
Many thanks

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raised of $18,000 goal


1. Andy Chelminski
Keep on riding for these kids Morty….
2. Marc And Sheri Feder
Hatzlacha keep peddling for these kids.
3. Miriam & Lou Stern
Your amazing Morty keep on rolling for these beautiful kids.. We Love You
4. Reuben And Shelly Mandelcorn
Ride Safe and Fast - Don't forget to Breathe!! - Love, Reuben
5. Anonymous
Ride on uncle
6. Wu Kwai Man Lilien
Keep going on your belief and good luck. Wish you all the best. Lilien
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