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Aaron Nayman | Lakewood , NJ

Aaron Nayman

As you (may) know I bike(a 180 mile
bike-a-thon) for Chai Lifeline.
Chai Lifeline is a most critical part of our community, supporting our sick children and their families in there difficult times of need.
Please go the extra mile to help me support our families in there struggle.
May all of our families be blessed w/ only good health, happiness success and piece of mind!

Day 1

Day 2


raised of $20,000 goal


1. Gluck brothers
Keep your feet on the bike!! Keep your chin up high!! Make us all proud!!
2. Ashpa Management
3. Perfect Concrete Construction
4. Leiby And Malky Lench
5. Fischer Roofing
Aaron keep on biking, you are an inspiration to all!
6. Roiza Ruchie Braun
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Team Lakewood


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