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Brenton Eisenreich | Brooklyn, NY

Brenton Eisenreich

Some of you may be aware I had terrible cycling accident recently.
Boruch Hashem I am healing nicely and expect to make a complete recovery. I now can only begin to imagine the suffering the kids of Camp Simcha go thru all year.
YES! I am committed to riding again for the children who have been sick all year and need a place for the summer to let loose and just be a kid again.
BUT this year is a little different because of my own personal challenge to get better.
This cause is more important to me now more than ever.
PLEASE open your heart and give extra for a great cause.

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2. Specialty RX
3. Avery and Toby Eisenreich
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5. Shalom Stein
With love, Shalom Stein
6. Alex And Brenda Bistricer
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