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Bike 4, its not about tea

Ben (Tuli) Weiss | North Woodmere, NY

Ben (Tuli) Weiss

This summer, for the 7th year I will embark on a 180+ mile road bike challenge climbing over 10,000 feet of elevation through Mountains traversing 3 states over the course of two full days to raise funds for and ultimately arrive at Camp Simcha, an extraordinary, highly specialized overnight summer camp that provides children with cancer a respite from sickness.
What I do for the camp is good, but pales in comparison with what the camp and its full time staff do. If you take a moment to view the videos linked below, you will see just how much the amazing and dedicated staff enable these kids to feel normal and be like any other kid in the summer, but what you won't see is the extent of how much goes into making this camp work and how in reality, the nicely appointed bunkhouses are really fully equipped to act as mini hospital rooms to address the campers full medical needs to allow for their stay away from home or hospital; the camp has a full array of all volunteer medical staff, including MDs, RN's, paramedics, therapists, lifeguards, counselors, etc.. All who contribute their time and volunteer to provide these seriously ill children with a caring environment that can meet their medical needs each summer, not to mention the 365 Day year round assistance the parent organization, Chai Lifeline, provides.

I’ve had the opportunity to personally visit the camp, meet with the campers and I have seen firsthand how the funds raised here directly impact these children, bring smiles to their faces, light into their lives, elevate their spirits and renews their determination to fight!

If you would like to experience this for yourself, just watch the YouTube videos below..

My objective is to raise $ 12,500 by August 1st and I hope you will help me reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Once again, Thank you for your support.

This year, I will once again ride with Team Knight Riders, an eclectic group of individuals whose journey is a bit different than the rest of the riders as our team is comprised of several riders with disabilities.

In the past few years, while most of the 500 riders have already finished their 100+ mile Day 1 ride and are comfortably settled and having a well-deserved dinner, we are still out on the road for an additional five+ hours arriving well into the night, in the pitch black and significantly sore. However, we do arrive with truly elevated spirits and to a lively welcome and celebration. Our riders have a significantly tougher time completing the day but we ride with purpose: at least one of our riders is a former camper and cancer survivor; one is doubly diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. Despite the difficulty, we ride for the kids...

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2. Eric Miller
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Tizku lmitzvos!
5. Alice Weiss
In Honor of My Beloved Son Tuli, A man of great compassion, whose devotion to the campers of Chai Lifeline, and kind, giving heart, know no bounds. May HaShem bless you with long, healthy years and may you always be zocheh to partake in gemilus chesed and tzorchei tzibur. With profound love, pride and admiration, Mom
6. Ruth Azman
With love and admiration, we honor our dear nephew Tuli Weiss for your continuous commitment and devotion to Bike4chai! Tommy & Ruthy Azman
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